REAL Act Organizing Toolkit


The Education from the Inside Out created the REAL Act National Organizing toolkit of organizations and individuals who wish to advocate for the Restoring Education and Learning Act in their home state.

ThCover pagee REAL act  National Organizing toolkit is is packed with useful information on how to organize and educate others on the importance of post-secondary correctional education and the impact of Pell Grants.

We wish to share this resource and connect with the organizations and groups who are taking the lead in this work.

Please download the REAL Act Organizing toolkit and respond to the following form so that we may contact you.

Download the REAL Act Organizing Toolkit

Fill out REAL Act Organizing toolkit contact form. (For Individuals)

Fill out REAL Act Organizing toolkit contact form. (For Organizations)  

Attend an Education from the Inside Out  Advocacy Training to learn more about the REAL Act.

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